Industrial Training


Industrial training is very essential. The school/Colleges student gets a opportunity to learn new technological innovation. An excellent is usually not in track with the newest market specifications. To get over this problem a school/Collegs student is given a period of 6 several weeks for getting aware about the newest technological innovation of the market. 6 several weeks industrial training is valuable for the learners in one more ways. Moreover to the technological expertise success the particular applicant is also groomed on interaction Abilities, social skills, working in a group and authority skills. These skills are very important while implementing for a job. It is asked for to all the technological innovation learners to take their 6 several weeks industrial training very genuinely for their better upcoming.

Brief about Industrial Training Program

Design & Development
Android Application
Java & iphone
3D Max

Why to Choose six months/week Program

 Months/week training course work amazing things to train learners and experts to experienced techniques 6 Month training course work amazing things to practice learners and experts to experienced techniques of getting essential job.

It increases the overall character development of the learners to face any personal and professional problems with ease and comfort

  We ensure to provide our individuals with appropriate technological

  We are purposeful to serve coaching alternatives for learners

  We are the Best Training Provider in Tricity (Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali).

  We also help students with good placement at the end of their Website Designing course




WEB DESIGNING : (45 Days) Duration: 2 hours

1) Introduction to Web Design 2) Static and Dynamic website 3) Basics of Photoshop 

4) Template & Banner Design       5) Introduction to CSS           6) HTML, CSS, Advanced CSS,

7) Jquery        8) Project



GRAPHIC DESIGNING : (45 Days) Duration: 2 hours

1)  Vector Illustration 2) Vector Vs. Raster 3) Logo design

4) Magazine Page Design 5) Brochure Design    6) Leaflet Design

7) Hoarding  Design

DIGITAL MARKETING : (45 Days) Duration: 2 hours

1) Digital marketing overview   2) Planning of keywords, Domain Knowledge 3) Search  Engine Optimization

4) Social Media Marketing    5) Social Media Optimization  6) On Page SEO, OFF Page SEO

7) Web Master Tool    8) Google Analytics 


C & C++ 

 C  (45 days Course Content)

*) What is C

*) Execution of C Programe

*) History

*) Structure of C Program 

 Variable and Keyword

*) Character Set

*) Identifier

*) Variable

*) Keywords

*) Escape Sequence Characters


*) Real Constant

*) Integer Constant 

*) Character Constant

*) String Constant

Data Types

*) Qualifier

*) Enum

*) Typedef

Operators :

*) Assignment Operator

*) Arithmetic Operators

*) Logical Operators

*) Relational Operators

*) Shorthand Operators

*) Unary Operators

*) Conditional / Ternary Operator

*) Biwise Operators

*) Operator Precedence and Associativity

*) If Statement

*) If-Else Statement

*) Nested If-Else

*) Switch Case

 Looping Statements

*) Looping / Iterative Statements

*) while

*) do while

*) Break Statement

*) Continue Statement

*) Goto

Functions :

* )Function call by passing value

*) Function call by returning value

*) Function call by passing and returning value

*) Recursion

Storage Classes :

*) Storage Classes

*) Automatic Storage Class (auto)

*) Register Storage Class (register)

*) Static Storage Class (static)

*) External Storage Class (extern)

Array :

*) Array

*) Single / One Dimensional Array

*) Two Dimensional Array


Array With String

*) Implement String Using string Function

*) Implement string Without using string function


Structure :

*) Structure

*) Array in Structures

*) Structure with Array

*) Difference between array and structure

Pointer :

*) Function Using pointer

*) Array with Pointer.

*) Pointer Calling Function.

*) Structure with Pointer.

*) Pointer Function Passing.

*) Address Mapping;

*) Pointer to Pointer.

*) Chain Pointer Mapping.

*) Union with Pointer



 Union :

*) Union

*) Difference between structure and union

*) Strings

*) File Handling



Header Files :

*) Header File

*) Assert.h

*) Ctype.h

*) Math.h

*) Process.h

*) String.h

*) Time.h

*) Stdlib.h

*) Dos.h

*) String.h


Memory Consumption

*) Malloc

*) Calloc

*) Realloc

*) Free

Pattern Programming

*) Pattern Design Methodology.

*) Pattern Design using Text mode graphics

*) Projects


Introduction to PHP


*) Evaluation of Php 

*) Basic Syntax 

*) Defining variable and constant 

*) Php Data type 

*) Operator and Expression 

Handling Html Form With Php


 * )Capturing Form Data 

  *) Dealing with Multi-value filed 

  *) Generating File uploaded form 

*) Redirecting a form after submission 

Decisions and loop


  *) Making Decisions 

 *) Doing Repetitive task with looping 

  *) Mixing Decisions and looping with Html 



  *) What is a function 

  *) Define a function 

  *) Call by value and Call by reference

*) Recursive function 



*) Creating and accessing String 

  *) Searching & Replacing String 

 *) Formatting String 

  *) String Related Library function



  *) Anatomy of an Array 

  *) Creating index based and Associative array 

 *) Accessing array Element 

 *) Looping with Index based array 

  *) Looping with associative array using each() and foreach() 

  *) Some useful Library function 

Working with file and Directories


*) Understanding file& directory 

  *) Opening and closing a file 

  *) Coping ,renaming and deleting a file 

  *) Working with directories 

  *) Building a text editor 

  *) File Uploading & Downloading 

Mini Project (With file Handling)


State management


*) Using query string(URL rewriting) 

  *) Using Hidden field 

  *) Using cookies 

 *) Using session 

String matching with regular expression


  *) What is regular expression 

  *) Pattern matching in Php 

  *) Replacing text 

  *) Splitting a string with a Regular Expression 

Generating Images with PHP


  *) Basics of computer Graphics 

  *) Creating Image 

  *) Manipulating Image 

  *) Using text in Image 

Database Connectivity with MySql


  *) Introduction to RDBMS 

  *) Connection with MySql Database 

  *) Performing basic database operation(DML) (Insert, Delete, Update, Select) 

*) Setting query parameter 

  *) Executing query 

  *) Join (Cross joins, Inner joins, Outer Joins, Self joins.) 





Designing & Development

  • Web Designing
  • Web Creative services
  • Web 2.0 Layout
  • Layout Designing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Corporate Designing
  • Banner, Brochure, Flyer
  • Leaflets, B Cards etc
  • PHP/MySQL, Wordpress
  • Joomla, Drupal
  • OS Commerce, XHTML/HTML/CSS
  • ASP.NET, Ajax-Java Scripting